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Managing a school is no easy task. School E-Mate is designed to facilitate paperless administration of schools. The software has the ability to host modules which allows a user to maintain the academic history of students, staff. This ultimately helps the staff, teachers and school authorities to work in accord. The tool brings many different functions/departments in one system and provides all the relevant data in one place. Nowadays, the online school management system is also getting more prevalence. Web-based School Management Software is more easy to use at any and every location, with no sacrifice in functionality.

School E-Mate is Most Advanced School Management Software and School Management System with School Mobile App. It’s complete School ERP software to manage (admission, attendance, examination, mark sheet, fees, messaging etc.) for unlimited students.

Admin: Run your school, right from the app.

Manage student, teacher, and parent details from one place. Plan out the academic year on administrative calendars, get personalized course Exam record for every grade and manage Fee Structure, Fee Payment and SMS Notification about Fee Details.

Teachers: Add value to your teaching.

Teach better with tools that simplify everyday tasks. Upload and collect assignments online, track attendance, schedule and grade exams. You'll be able to send important notices to students and parents with in-app email and push notifications SMS.

The Objective of the School E-Mate

1. To Bridge the gap of Communication between Teacher and Parents

2. To get the List of Possible dropout student school wise, Block Wise and District.

3. To provide the Real Time Status of Student to parents whether student is in school or out of School.

4. To Provide the Student Academic Progress to parents by the Notification.

5. To Reduce the Dropout Rate of Student.

6. To get the Real time Report of Present, Absent on Leave Student School wise, Block Wise and District wise.

7. To notify the Management of school about students who are higher absentees in a month so that Drop out may be reduce.

8. To provide the school directory so that every School may contact to any school with Email, SMS and Phone calling.

9. Send SMS about Fee notification to Parents who have not paid Fee for a Month.

10. Send SMS Notification to Parents in emergency or in case when school close before the school closing time.

11. Monthly SMS will be send to the Management regarding student who have 30% absents in a month.

12. To improve the learning and reading ability of Students by sending the SMS to parents about student class Performance.

Module of School E-Mate

1. Configuration: The module is helpful in major configuration for the academy with respect to Session, Class, Section, Attendance of both Staff and Students, Examination, Subjects, Fee, Syllabus, Holidays, Events, Configuration related to Students’ Performance Report etc. and all other Miscellaneous setups. It brings many different sub modules for master configuration under single heading and provides all the relevant data in one place

2. Student Profile: In this module student profile will be created by importing the Student data by Excel Format or Add Data Entry or making the Student Transfer or Promoting the Student in the next Academic Year. School Profile has this feature to Import, Add, Transfer or Promote the student. School Head has the feature to update the Student Details from the Web Portal.

3 Teacher Profile: School Head will create the profile of Teacher and Assign the Class to Teacher for marking the Attendance and Updating the Exam Marks in any Exam taken by Teachers.

4. Account Management: School Heads have the feature to manage the account of Teacher to update the Email, mobile No. of Teacher. Further School Head can also assign and Delete the Class already assigned to Teacher. School Head can also set the setting of SMS Notification for a Teacher. Use can also change the password or their Account Details.

5. Email and SMS Notification: School head can send the Email and SMS Notification to Teacher about any events using the mobile App. Teacher can send the SMS Notification to parents about Pending Fee, Class Attendance, Exam Result or any Emergency message.

6. Possible Dropout: School head can view print and Export the list of student who has higher absent in a particular given dates.

7. Student Dashboard: reflects the respective Student’s Attendance detail, Student’s Performance detail based on exam, Fee Description, Holidays, Events, the Time Table, School Diary, the Scheduled Syllabus of the whole Session and the Upcoming Birthdays of all Staff & Students.

8. Reports: School E-Mate has the feature to generate the following report for day to day basis or monthly basis.

i. Fee Collection: Generate the reports of the fee collected with respect to each student by the help of this module. View all the report of the paid/unpaid fees, discounts or failure of the fees. Generate the receipt even of the fee collection reports.

ii. Fee Schedule: View the detailed report of the expected fee to be collected exclusively from each section.

iii. Student Information: Generate report of the detailed information related to the students using this module.

iv. School Strength: View and generate the school strength report with the help of this module.

v. Student Performance: View and generate the report of the student performance with accord to different exams conducted in a detailed structure.

9. Security

i. School E-Mate comes up with a role based secured and flexible security system where you can have record level permission.

ii. Role Master: Every educational institution has different individuals who in turn play distinct roles. There are few roles which are system defined and this module also helps to create desired roles even.

iii. Permission: Designations vary from individual to individuals. Give permissions/access to different roles as desired with the help of this sub module.

iv. User Master: Give specified/detailed access to individual using this sub module.

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